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SOLVED= Help! Evaluation: Form Tools to pass fields from multiple forms to common
I installed Form Tools on my web server at FutureQuest using their install application several days ago and have struggled with it for hours ever since.

It is in the evaluation stage at this time, to see if it is the solution for my needs.

What I have seen so far is mostly impressive (although some of the tutorial and instruction pages need to be better-written).

I have been able to import an external html form from my web page into the API, and have been successfull in getting the Validation working properly (biggest slowdown there was finding how to get a textarea to refill on failed validation, but eventually found the info), and can successfully display the Thank You page.

The only catch now is passing the fields from the form to the thank you page so that I can display some of the information.

I can see there is a method to do that, but it is quite restricted using the API.

The Form ID, the View ID, and the Export-type ID all have to be hard-coded.

My goal is:
* Add my external forms into Form Tools API;
* Use server-side Form Validation;
* Use server-side "captcha" from Secureimage (I do not like using anything Google, so the reCaptcha API is out); and
* Pass the Form ID, (and possibly the View ID and the Export ID) as a variable to a single, common Thank You page for one set of forms (and do the same to a different common page for another group of forms) so that I can pass the fields to the Thank You page and display hidden fields appropriate for the sending form, as well as some of the entered fields.

I want all this done server-side, so the user does not need to log into Form Tools itself, and does not require javascript or cookies to be turned on.

Is this possible? If so, how? If not, is there a plan to do so in the near future?

It seems to be a feature that many on these forums would benefit from and would increase productivity.

When I first installed Form Tools (I am not a programmer, but I programmed assembly, basic, and pascal decades ago. I am not afraid to tackle php, but will need guidance at the beginning), I just thought that such a natural, common function would be included, obvious, and intuitive.

I am not quite ready to throw in the towel and look for some other solution instead of Form Tools, as over-all, this seems to be a very slick and handy tool.

So, evaluation continues ... though I am starting to look for alternate solutions out of the corner of my eye.

Unfortunately, if I can not solve these problems, I may have to uninstall Form Tools for some other solution ... at least until these abilities are added to Form Tools.

I would rather not, though. So, any help to reach these goals (even if it requires some php scripting) would be sincerely welcomed.

I suppose this is too tough a question to answer?
Thanks for all your help, it is deeply appreciated.

I have found the solution to my problem.

I have uninstalled Form Tools from my websites and have installed a superior product that meets my needs and actually has a forum that responds ... and even quickly!

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