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Notice on form mainpage
Hi guys, 

I made a clean install of FT3, and works like a charm, but when I start to make some basic configuration a notice appear on the top page. 

Any ideia?!

Notice: Undefined index: notify_max_forms_reached in /home/soccsantuz/csantos-online/rh/admin/forms/index.php on line 51
Nelson Costa.
Well line 51 says " "notify_max_forms_reached" => General::evalSmartyString($LANG["notify_max_forms_reached"], array("max_forms" => $max_forms)),"
Nelson Costa.
Thanks Nelson. Just a missing string in the language file. Easy fix, I'll log a bug!

Oops. EDIT: which language are you using?
(Jan 5th, 2018, 8:30 PM)Ben Wrote: Oops. EDIT: which language are you using?

Hi Ben, 

thanks for helping, im using PT-PT. European Portuguese.
Nelson Costa.
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