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Is Form Tools appropriate for what I want to do
(Jan 22nd, 2018, 9:45 PM)trybefore Wrote: Hi, I am not a developer but a charitable genealogical do everything person!
I have been asked to help with +-45,000 birth, death and marriage records from east Europe and I would like to make them web searchable by non registered users but with captha to stop the site being overloaded.
I already have a normalised mysql database with up to 16 fields per record for the individuals and query forms which works well in MsAccess.

Is Form Tools the correct tool for me, or should I be looking at something else?
If it will do the job then which tutorials would be specifically recommended for me?
Thanks for any feedback Smile

If you already have an existing database and want have non registered users search that database, I don't think FT is your best option. 

FT is awesome for gathering form submission data and placing it into a database, and you can do all sorts of other fun stuff with it too.  It's really about form and form data management.  You can't easily import data from another database or connect it to an existing database.

Hope this helps!

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