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Install for each website?
Hi I have a hosting account that has more than one domain (subdomains) installed and was wondering do I have to install form tools in each respective domains root folder?

If not is there a section that directs me on how to "point" the domains folder to the "only" form tools folder. Thank you.

Good questions,

I think it really depends both on how your server is set up and how you set up your forms.

When you say subdomains, are you talking about or actual multiple domains? If it's multiple domains, are they on the same server? If so, are your domains set up under one account and accessible from the main account's root directory? For instance, with some installations you will be able to get to from

No matter what, if all of your forms are POST forms then you can have a single installation for all of them. You just can't add server side validation if it isn't on the same domain. If you are using the API, I think they have to be on the same server. I do, however, *think* you can use API if your FormTools installation is accessible via the root directory as shown above.

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