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Limited number for a Form

I use Formtool 2.2.5.
The API Version is 1.1.4.

I want to make a Form where people can sign in for the different courses.
But now I have a limited number of places in one course. 
So what I want to do is, that the course gets hidden or that he is no more selectable if this number is reached.
Do someone know how I can do this?

Is this perhaps possible with the module Submission Pre-Parser.
Can I check there the count of entries in the Database and hide an option of a Checkbox field if the count is greater then x?

For example.
I have Course 1-3. 
So the User can choose one of this Courses. His choice will be entered into the database.  So if a new user comes to sign in for a course. The Submission Pre-Parser need to check the count of Course 1,2,3 in the Database and if the maximum number is reached the Course is no more shown or selectable.

Thanks for every help.
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