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Multilanguage forms

i want to create multi language forms. Means i want to integrate a chooser where i can select a language and the form pages are reloaded in the language chosen.

How can i do this? Is there a possibility to define language arrays in php and load them while choosing another language?

Are there any emaples how to do that with formtools?

Thanks & regards

Version 2.0.6
We have numerous translation however we have not implemented a form where the user can choose a language and have the translation loaded in automatically. Sorry.


Hi Joe,

thanks for your answer. Is it possible to put field display text into variables? Or is this a fixed text that can't be manipulated?

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Dear Developers,
at first: many thanks for this great formtool! I was looking for such a program for some time.

I have to manage registrations for a multinational community and therefor I would be in need of a multilanguage form.
As far as I understood it is not builtin by design, but maybe it would be possible to integrate this possibility into the "Views" section?
If I could change the names of the 'Fields' in the "Views" tab, I could easily make different 'Profiles' for each language needed.
I my case 3 or 4 languages.

Many thanks for having a thought on this new feature -
and a short feeedback if possible or not.

Best regards
Hi Marco,

I don't think the views will work in the way that you need them to. The views are used to segment data but won't enable you to have different names to the same fields. Sorry.



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