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Grid insert
Hi all,
I have tried to implement form tools in the past, for something that became unnecessary eventually.
A new requirement came up that I am looking for a simple solution to.
Here is the scenario:
I am designing data warehouses for organizations, that often end up adding data to the data warehouse using some kind of excel file, which I then load using SSIS.
These files, while very easily edited, are a big hassle for loading into the DWH - because it is extremely easy to mess them up - add a column, insert text where a number is expected, change column header, etc.

I am looking for a solution that can replace the excel as my data source (for that matter, Form tools writes into mySQL which can easily be read using OLEDB), and in the same time, maintain an excel-like user experience - mostly referring to the grid UI.

so basically, i need an app that could show a grid on a screen. that grid contains rows and columns, that maintain the basic rules of the table - data types, limited input options, foreign keys etc, enable a user to scroll through to a row that he wishes to edit, and edit it as he wishes.
It should also allow users to copy and paste data from excel into the target, yet prevent illegal input - preferably ending it with a break of all data entry.

Do you think Form Tools can support this kind of functionality?

Thank you

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