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online self-education platforms
The modern world dictates its own rules and introduces new technologies. This is especially important nowadays during the epidemic of covid and quarantine all over the world. In order to be competent and profitable in the labor market, it is important to constantly learn and be in constant self-development. 

The platform is an assistant for students who want to continue their studies and do not miss important couples during quarantine. The site offers more than 3,800 materials on 400 specializations from universities around the world. 

BBC Learning English
BBC English Lessons. Immerse yourself in learning with short and vibrant videos. Lots of practice and no boredom. Suitable for anyone who wants to improve their language level. You can also read great articles on English grammar on our website.

Funexpected Math
The application teaches math in a game form and helps parents explain to their child the basics of logic, spatial thinking and numeracy.
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Online self education platforms are created, I don't want these designs because i never understand them, Could any of you like how to create designs? If you said yes then i tried to asked more online essay writing service with more educational plans which are be necessary when we just create online educational designs.
thanks for sharing

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