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Actors in ‘Yellowstone’ Rock the Coolest Leather Jackets
Everyone’s favourite TV show ‘Yellowstone’ is back for its third season and the best part about it is the clothing. People want to buy the entire wardrobe of the actors. The success of the show’s wardrobe is largely due to costume designer Ruth Carter. Ruth has previously worked for films like Black Panther, Amistad, and others. She even won an Oscar for Black Panther. In Yellowstone, she again works her
magic and the characters can be seen decked out in vintage ranchwear.

You too could buy custom leather jackets in USA just like the jackets in Yellowstone. The custom clothes made for Kevin Costner are to die for. But that doesn’t mean that the others are wearing ordinary garb. They are also seen wearing enviable duds all through the season. One of the pieces that have become pretty popular is the Rider’s Jacket. This jacket is a hybrid of a trucker jacket and a ranch jacket. It has
ample space for personal belongings. It has hand pockets as well as dual chest pockets and an interior pocket as well. The shoulders have gussets and allow more freedom for movement.

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