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Cadbury’S Cursive Logo
There had been rumours going around that Cadbury was looking for a custom logo design company to revamp its logo. They wanted something that will resemble the founder’s signature. Now we find out that the rumours were true and Cadbury was working on a new look for its logo. Not just the logo, but they have also worked on better packaging for the Dairy Milk bar.

If you see the new logo, you will find out that it is thinner than the previous one. It also has a more cursive quality that makes it resemble handwriting more. This is especially the case when the ‘d’ meets the ‘b’ and makes a loop in between.

The change is not that much but you cannot expect Cadbury to revamp the logo any more than that since the Cadbury logo is comprised of just a wordmark. And we have to say that it is one of the most recognizable word marks around the world. The new logo looks much more refined and carries warmth and authenticity. Kudos to Cadbury for a great-looking logo.
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