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WhatsApp Plus is the ideal application for those who always wanted to change some functions of the original app, but never had their requests answered by the developers.
With the proposal to make the app more interesting and improve the user experience, this feature has been one of the public's favorites.
[Image: whatsapp-plus-baixar-apk-atualizado-2020.png]
But, to download it it is important to find the right sources and take some precautions, which we will describe to you in this material, so follow!
The first thing we do when we hear about a new app is to look at major app stores to download it.
The big surprise for those looking for WhatsApp Plus is not finding it on the Play Store, let alone the Apple Store.
The reason for this is quite simple and possibly obvious, since this is a feature that uses and modifies data from an application without authorization from its developers.
For the media this is considered illegal, being an inappropriate practice that makes the application unfit to be available on the main download networks.
Therefore, the first thing you should know is that the installation will have to be done by other methods, such as using unofficial stores.
By "unofficial stores" we refer to websites specialized in downloading applications, which have a multitude of options available, including those that are not accepted in the most famous ones.
To find WhatsApp Plus you will have to look in one of these stores, remembering that it is important to take some precautions, which we will indicate in the next topic.

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