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Status Check [SOLVED]
I am witting a status check using ft_api_show_submission, but can't seem to figure out how to pass a value in.

On one page I have a input box that submits "status" variable.

Second page that displays the submission I have like this:

$searchterm = $_POST['status'];

ft_api_show_submission(10, 15, $searchterm , 155);

I am basically trying to get the number user submits inside the ft_api_show_submission so it will display the record using number they submitted.

When I use it like above I get error

Error Type: User
Error Code: #401 — Learn more about this error.

The form ID passed to the ft_api_show_submissions function is invalid.

Any ideas on how to make this work?
I just figured out how to do it here is the solution:

On page you want to display the status use this:

$searchterm = $_POST['status'];
$options = array(
"submission_ids" => $searchterm

ft_api_show_submission(3, 1, 1, $options);

Works like a charm!

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