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Fix for hp deskjet 3512 printer
I have an deskjet that was working fine on my home wireless network until the Frontier FIOS Tech came out and updated the router and service to an Arris NVG468MQ router.  I have been chasing the problem for a couple days without success.  Originally, the problem appeared to be that the router was set up for both 5G and 2.4G, and the networks weren't separated, so I had the laptop on 5G and the printer on 2.4G.  I have since fixed that problem and verified both are on the same 2.4 network.  I have uninstalled/installed the printer, the HPSmart app, the drivers, etc and run the Print and Scan Doctor multiple times without success.  The Scan Doctor indicates I have a serious problem and to contact the online community.
I was able to connect hp deskjet 3512 to wifi by following the steps the issue was resolved on my device.

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