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How to Secure Your Ecommerce Website?
Website security should be everyone's priority. All the information and details are helpful for the business. This is why it is essential to have such options which makes the difference. The responsibility of custom ecommerce web developers is to keep a complete check and balance about everything. Update regularly and alert the developers aware regarding any external activity to block it right away. 

Following are the ways to secure the ecommerce website:
  • Plan a backup of the data.
  • Keep SQL check and maintain it.
  • Open the verification process strictly.
  • Make the payment method more secure.
Therefore, these steps can simply improve the security of the website. 
I want to add one more point in your post which is SSL. Website security matters a lot especially in e-commerce websites where you have a lot of data. When I hired an agency I asked them to do proper design & development with 100% security as it is very essential.
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Thank you for your recommendations. eCommerce site security is critical. We use SoftPOS software for accepting contactless payments. - for more information.  Contactless payment is a secure payment method that allows our customers to pay for goods.
You will need to make sure your network is secure by using wired connections if possible and also making sure you change the default credentials for accessing your network.
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