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Writer expertise is determined by the samples that we found on the site itself, Paper Due Now testimonials found on the site, PaperDueNow reviews by customers off-site, and our assessment of the ordered paper delivered to us. We can state the following:

As expected, the on-site testimonials are all positive
Off-site comments pointed to a number of issues with quality of writing, specifically structure of the pieces and grammatical errors.
Our own legit review of on-site samples reflected run-on sentences, incorrect word and verb tense usage, and a lack of thesis statements in the introductions of the pieces.
The research paper we received reflected the same issues that we saw in the samples
Delivery of ordered products consistently met deadlines.

Based upon these factors, we ca definitely state that Paper Due Now is legit; however, there are serious concerns about writing quality.

Papers Due Now provides the standard benefits that other writing services offer – free title page and bibliography, as well as revisions, formatting, and plagiarism scans of products.

We were unable to find any additional benefits that would be attractive to customers.

Overall, we can say that Papers Due Now is a legitimate online writing company that does fulfill customer orders for writing and does deliver those orders on time. Our concerns lie with the quality of writing and we have to question the expertise and backgrounds of the writers, considering the prevalence of poor writing quality. Our rating is “Fair.”
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