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During the All Saints holidays, I introduced the children to pixel art facile harry potter.

I found files to download on the site, I highly recommend it, as there are so many different themes! You will inevitably find your happiness there!

I really like the principle of pixel art, it allows children to find calm when necessary, or simply to occupy themselves when they "do not know what to do"!

It is an activity that requires concentration, precision, care and skill, in short, a very good manual and cognitive activity!

I printed the Harry Potter themed cards , my kids saw the first movie, and my daughter is reading the first novel. They therefore know this universe.

While on vacation, my older kids took part in a Harry Potter-themed pixel mosaic workshop at a nearby craft store! They really liked this activity even if in an hour, they did not have time to finish their mosaics.

I really like the rendering!

Have you guessed our next theme? With Christmas approaching, it is all found is not it! And here again, files can be found at ! Thank you

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