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Table Migration
(Mar 10th, 2009, 11:31 AM)Ben Wrote: Huh! Turns out that it looks just fine!

What version of the module and Core are you running? You can find this out on the Settings -> Main tab and the Modules page, respectively.

You may want to try just going to your Settings > Main Tab and clicking on the "Check for Updates" button. That will link you to the FT website where you have the option of upgrading whatever components you want.

It *sounds* like you're running an older version of the Export Manager, but I'm not 100% positive just yet...

If you're all up to date, I may need to debug the problem directly.

Sorry for the long response on all this! We should have you up and running soon. :-)


Thanks for the response and help on this! The first step I took was to upgrade my core. I'm showing I have the most recent version... 2.0.0-beta-20090309.

I will gladly PM you login information, if you do have a moment to take a look.


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