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ft_update_submission fail ? [SOLVED]
I would like to use ft_update_submission to update submission from my own php code. I think that right use is:

ft_update_submission ($form_id, $submission_id, $infohash)

The function runs without error, returns array with susscess confirmation, field "Last modified" is updated, but other fields I woul like to update contain old values.

My code:
$options = array(
"name_of_col1"=>1, "name_of_col2"=>1,"field_ids"=>"166 173", "editable_field_ids"=>"166 173");
ft_update_submission (5, $_GET["id"], $options);

What can be wrong?

Thanks for any idea.
Hi guys,
mornings are clever then evenings, I help myself today, here is solution which works for me:

ft_update_submission ($form_id, $submission_id, $infohash)


"name_of_col1"=>new_value,  // list of database col names + values
"field_ids"=>"x,y,.....",  // list od ID fields corresponding to col names above
"editable_field_ids"=>array(x,y,....) // list od used ID fields you have to mark as editable

Maybe could save some time for somebody.

Nice day to all.
thanks nomad, I was looking for the format of infohash as I need to process it in Hooks Manager
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