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submit membership and password
Hi Ben. I am using form tools 1, I have not yet upgraded to version 2.

I am currently using the form tool for submitting newsletter requests.

Ben please tell me, is there a script that works with form tools that automatically sets up a user account, so that users can access a members only section of a website?

I guess it is similar to the Submission Accounts module - but submits a user name and password that are stored in the mySQL table and then checked against on user login to members only webpages?

I think this is the best way to describe what I want.
Thanks for any replies.

Hi Jah,

Yes, it does sound rather like the functionality offered by te Submission Accounts module, with the one small change being: new validation to confirm that the user is logged in for pages OUTSIDE of the script.

What you'd need to do is write a function to re-use the code in the module on the other pages you want to password-protect. The drawback is that they'd all need to be PHP pages.

To be honest, it's not really the best solution - what you really need is a content management system of some sort to handle the user accounts & permissions... hmmm! Sorry, I don't have any great ideas for you!

- Ben
Ben - Many thanks for your reply, it's very much appreciated.

I will search out a content management system of some sort to solve my needs.
I will keep the FormTools running for my newsletter though.

Thanks again.

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