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cached version of api? or… 2nd form posting to finalized submission?
Is there any chance the api.php is being cached on server?

I'm having different issues when trying to figure out how to get a second form posting to a finalized submission (using "may_update_finalized_submissions" => true) and I think there's some kind of delay between the changes I made and the php is executed after that.

I've setup a form to have more than one form, and I noticed I had to set it up so like 3 times before it reflects so in the form options panel.

Then, tired of the form throwing error 101, I removed the line "finalize => true" and when it didn't fix it, I've put it back and magically it started working.

Then, when first form submission never appeared in the form list, (not finalizing it anymore) I just removed the second form/page from the form setup panel and suddenly everything started working, i.e. THE SECOND FORM IS LOADED even when the setup says the next page should be thankyou.php.

With that lack of consistency in the results (html and css seems to be automatically updated, it's just the php) I can't come up with a solution by trial and error (my first learning process hehe)

I'm lost.

The only thing I need is a way to get the first form being finalized and sending an email, regardless of the user filling out the second optional form or not.

I promess, Ben, if you help me with this one I'll post the whole tutorial for you Big Grin
I'm sending you the info by mail so you can check it out.

It seems that sharing the same thankyou.php page was causing some troubles.

Now it works fine, so far, but leaving the first form incomplete (captcha or validation error) would make impossible to get the second form submitted, and would keep the info from first one being reloaded time after time when trying to reload the page.

Also, wrong captcha makes the form to lose all information in it.

In other words, it's filled out when it shouldn't, and it's not when it should.

The php for form 1 is an exact copy of another form was working fine with recaptcha, and had the reloading empty form issue already fixed.

The basic error is here
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