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may_update_finalized_submissions PANIC
After trial and error, I can say "may_update_finalized_submissions" doesn't work at all.

If the form is configured as "multiple page form", ANY form submitted will be submitted in that formtools form ID.
(e.g. form with id 1 could end up in form with id 2, depending on what you submit the last.)

If form is configured as "single page form", you get error 302 (form already finalized) when loading the second form (which has the "may_update_finalized_submissions" line)

if "may_update_finalized_submissions" is not used in a form using the same form ID than previous page, there's no way to merge info in form page 2 into the same form ID (same output listing). Error is 302 too, obviously.

Have you ever gotten to work a 2 pages form in the same formtools installation that also receives leads from other forms not in that set, and NOT misdirecting the data to other form iD?

Third night in a row learning PHP Big Grin

I thought I fixed termporarily the forms until Ben helps us with a way to submit the first form (finalized) and accept a new form in the next page (no thankyou page), but it didn't work.

Now it's matter of (for the rush) to clear sessions in the second page, because since the "thankyou" page hasn't been reached yet, no "ft_api_clear_form_sessions();" ANY OTHER FORM submitted from the same computer than form 1 will throw a 302 error.

I need at least a way to "make up" the forms in a way that pretend to be a multiple pages form but setting them up as separate forms inside form_tools admin page.

I'll just use a redirect after a real thankyou page before the second page for now, which could fail depending on browser's security level.

Does anybody know how to successfully submit a second "optional" form into the same form ID (to add up data to an existing session) without risk to leave the page and OTHER form in the site get the session mixed up?

Or at least:
Does anybody know how to clear sessions inside the next form? (no thankyou page between page 1 and 2)

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