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Email attachment as well as link to attachment

2.0 is looking great! I actually requested this attachment stuff before for the earlier version and I wanted to move the request over to 2.0 for down the road.

Basically, I think it would be nice for there to be an option to have uploaded files attached to emails in addition to emails containing links to attachments stored on the server. I use formtools as an interface for teachers to apply to positions at our school, and one thing that administrators keep asking for is to have all attachments included with the email, instead of links to the attachments.

Hey Andy,

Good to see you on these forums. :-)

This is definitely something that WILL be added, but only with the Swift Mailer module. As you know, FT1 just uses the standard PHP mail() function which, well, quite frankly sucks. The Swift Mailer module with FT2 overrides that and sends all emails with SMTP. Using mail() to send attachments was just too much of a headache, but Swift supports it very well.

Tell you what, I need to make a bug fix for that module in the next week or so, so I'll take a look at this and see if there's an easy way to add it.

All the best -

Once again I second this feature as a few weeks ago I was looking for a script to do just that but couldn't find one anywhere. I was trying to code my own but didn't know how to do it.

At the moment my current form has a hidden link to a pdf download from the server, which is great, but my friend requested an attachment instead and this was one of the the things I was going to talk to you about, whether it was possible or not, so now I know it's possible, excellent.

Can't wait to see this feature added. Thanks for this Ben.


P.S. Well done moorezilla for suggesting this
Hey guys,

Optional file attachments are included in today's build. You'll need to upgrade both the Core and the Swift Mailer module. I've also added a quick page on how to include the file attachments here:

It's VERY simple! Let me know if you encounter any problems.

- Ben
Woot! Can't wait to take a look at it!
Hi Ben,

This is great news and that was quick. I shall try it out.

Hi Ben,

I couldn't get the attachment feature to work as I'm having some serious problems installing the Swift Mailer (beta-20090309). I went directly into the database and deleted the swift mailer entry in the modules table, then I deleted the swift_mailer folder under the modules folder, copied the new swift mailer update from the entire package (to date), refreshed the module in FT and still it doesn't install. I checked the modules table to see if swift mailer was in the entry and it was, so it all looks ok. So I ask myself, what am I doing wrong and should I have done this. Any help would be most appreciated.


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