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Pages module: Pages Update
Hey Form Tools Community:

With the new Pages module update, the whole thing is borked. =]

I can't add any new pages, and after I changed the number of pages to display under the Settings page, I was unable to view my pages any more.

They are all still residing in the database, but I'm not quite sure where the new settings for the type of page (HTML, PHP, Smarty) settings are stored.

Was there a SQL update I just clearly failed to apply or did FormTools not update that?

Hmmm... sounds like there was a problem with the upgrade.

Let me look this over right now & I'll get back to you.

- Ben
Rats! No, I can't find any problems at all. I did an upgrade from an older version which had a few pages. The upgrade was seamless: the pages continued to work properly, except they now showed the new fiels.

If you like, email me at and I can take a look at the problem directly. I'll need the following info:
- temporary FTP access
- your Form Tools login info & URL

Today, I became a man and clicked the UPDATE button inside the Add-Ons page.
I clearly didn't do that. =]

Alrighty. Pages is fixed now. Heh. I completely spaced after upload that the changes wouldn't take an effect until I clicked that.
Haha no worries :-)

It's a relief to know it's working as it should....

- Ben

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