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Great Module
I have been waiting for this module for a long time Smile But how do I actually use it?
Haha :-) Yes, documentation would sure be nice - especially for this module.

I'll add some documentation on this today or tomorrow. But in brief, the key lies around the idea that you can modify the contents of the $_POST variable right in the rules. You have free reign to do whatever you want to the POST info - it all happens prior to adding to the database & sending the emails.

So, for example, if you had a phone number field organized in three separate input fields in your form, you could combine them by creating a rule with the following PHP:

PHP Code:
if ( (isset($_POST["phone_1"]) && !empty($_POST["phone_1"])) && 
$_POST["phone_2"]) && !empty($_POST["phone_2"])) && 
$_POST["phone_3"]) && !empty($_POST["phone_3"])) )
$_POST["phone"] = "{$_POST["phone_1"]}-{$_POST["phone_2"]}-{$_POST["phone_3"]}";

Then, through the FT UI, you could create a new database field with the form field name "phone". This combined info of the 3 phone fields would then appear as a single field in the UI. Handy as hell, but this is just one example.

The module also has other features, like letting you set a variable (I forget the name...) which tells FT not to process the submission - but behave like it processed it normally. This should be handy for handling spam. I'll be sure to include that in the documentation.

I'll also release an update today or tomorrow, so that it uses CodeMirror - the syntax highlighter. That should make adding/editing the PHP code in the UI slightly less urksome.

All the best -


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