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User Registration & Login to View/Edit Prev Submissions
I believe it would greatly expand the possibilities for use, if the visitor filling out the form had the ability to register at the same time. This would then give them the ability to login and modify their submission at a later date.

Any thoughts?
Hey Robo,

Sure! Have you checked out the Submission Accounts module? That lets users do exactly that - register & be able to later return to log in & update their form values.

Hope this helps! Smile

- Ben
I agree this would be a great tool. The current module seems to only allow for a "user account" to be associated with one form submission. What would be excellent is if you could associate multiple form submissions with the same person. For example, I submit my contact info etc and initiate an account, but then I have 4 other supplemental forms to fill out. It would be excellent to have all of them linked via one account. Is this possible?

Thanks for a great product.

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