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HTML & Textarea

I have the issue where, if I enter the sample text below, the html tags are stripped off when it is submitted.


Even though it displayed correctly when I initally added the form (in the Add Form process.

If I re-edit the form through FormTools and add the tags in they stay ion just fine so it appears the process.php is stripping them out?
Well from the very less information that you have provided, it is very difficult to come come a solution to it. It can be possible that the process.php is stripping it out. But there can be other reasons too.
Hey guys,

Actually this one's is due to a config settings. By default, for security purposes, all markup is stripped from form submissions. This is to prevent risk of XSS attacks, even those that would target the Form Tools UI.

To get around it, just go to Edit Form -> Main tab, and change the "Strip tags in form submissions" setting (the last one) to "no". That should fix your problem.

All the best!

- Ben

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