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Help in PHP function
I have just started the programing web development. I face the problem with the header function. The function doesn't redirect. Found this error.

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/kabeet/public_html/flash/page_add.php:4) in /home/public_html/page_add.php on line 72

Please help.
I think you should try the net to get more information on the same. As you are a starter, please discuss the problem with a mentor to get immediate and exact reply.

Any time you see a "Warning: Cannot modify header information" error message, that means exactly that: PHP has already started sending information to the output stream. So if, say, you tried sending any headers (like a header("location: ...") redirect) after the opening <html> tag, it won't work & just throw that error.

Good luck tracking down the problem!

- Ben

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