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Swift mailer not installing
Thanks Ben, I shall look forward to this module in PHP4 whenever it's ready.

Hey all,

The Swift Mailer module has been updated to support PHP 4.

Couple of things:
1. the error checking for the "test" tab on the PHP 4 version is pretty dreadful. Not to pass the buck, but this is mostly due to PHP4's (lack of!) error handling functionality. Without the try-catch option, it's hard to catch and display the errors well - or even at all. I've added some code to catch serious errors, but the messages you see aren't half as friendly as the PHP 5 version. Pretty much you just have to get the SMTP info correct.

2. I've added in file upload support. This is the option of being able to attach files from your server - not just files that have been uploaded with the submission. I'll document this new feature here:

Give me 20 mins!

Please report all bugs you encounter here in the forums or with our bug tracker. Thanks, guys!

- Ben


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