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SPAM to this forum's email address
As I use for this forum the email address which is not used any where else a strange situation happened.

I began to get spam to that email addres.
  • Thu, December 24, 2009 1:41:29 PM
  • Mon, January 4, 2010 5:58:20 PM
  • Thu, January 7, 2010 1:19:30 AM

Very strange situation...
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Hi Mak,

Hmm... I don't believe this forum software displays email addresses, so no-one's scraping it from here.

We certainly don't publish anyone's email address. In fact, I don't know ANYONE'S email address from these forums. I'm pretty sure that the spam is unrelated to these forums.

All the best -

I have registrations on there two services:

Each of them has its OWN UNIQUE email address of mine.
UNIQUE - means it is not used ANY WHERE else as just on those sites.

For every of those two email addresses I got spam emails.

I just wrote this post to warn you that some "problem" can be here with software or human.
...... [Image: wedont.gif] ...... "А стукачков мы не любим!"
Hmmm... I wonder. The bug tracker is pretty mediocre, to be honest, so my hunch is that if there's a security hole it would be there.

Sorry about this. I know what an unbelievable nuisance spam can be (I was up to 10,000 a month a few months back). Thank heavens for Gmail's decent spam filter. Smile

- Ben

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