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paypal submission not recorded
OK so ive gone through the paypal tutorial and for some reason my data isn't being recorded when Ive submitted a form and the purchase is successful. Everything seems to running fine except that no data is being kept.

When I use my sandbox account to pay for the product is there suppose to be anything showing up in my ipn history?

Need urgent help with this please and thank you Smile
Is it normal to get these errors: (link removed)


Just followed this:

From what I can figure the ipn.php page isn't doing its job and I don't know why as the ipn link in my paypal and library.php is all correct.


Ok so changed the $folder variable in ipn.php to $folder_base and finally a submission has been recorded just need to test everything else is working now.

Ok everything is working great.
Hey Peter - just to clarify, was this a bug on my part? If so let me know & I'll fix it up.

Glad it's working well now though. Smile

- Ben
Hey Ben, Yeah the bug was on your part.
Ahhh... yes, $folder is also defined in the API. Gah. Apologies, Peter.

I'll update the zipfile shortly.

- Ben
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