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Gravity Tools -- plugging in Form Tools coding
How do you get Gravity Tools to send its submissions data to FOrm Tools? I'm trying to figure out where to plug in the Form Tools API php coding given in the installation process instructions.
Hi Guellermo,

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Gravity Tools. What does the script do, exactly? It's a form generator? I'll need to know a little more about the script to help out. But if it's generating forms which you can edit yourself, you're good to go. If it puts limitations on what you can do with the forms, that may prove more difficult.

- Ben
Here is an unofficial way to complete the process within WordPress (v4.2.2 tested):

(NOTE: I do not represent FormTools in any way. These are simply solutions I found on my own that work for my installation.)

  1. Setup Gravityforms on your website, and create a form.
  2. Install the Gravityforms Zapier Add-On.
  3. Go to and setup a "Gravityforms to Webhook" Zap.
  4. Follow the instructions to establish the Zap using the "Form" output, and select "No" to the "Unflatten" option. Use the URL to the "process.php" file in your Formtools installation as the WebHook URL.
  5. Setup a new "External" form in FormTools.
  6. When you begun setting up your ZAP, you were given a URL to that ZAP. Go to the settings for your form, click on "Settings" then "Zapier" and enter that URL as the webhook URL.
  7. Follow the rest of the instructions for the form setup and the ZAP setup as you are building them. You'll be doing them both together.
  8. Run your tests - and once you're done testing, turn on your ZAP.
  9. Submit your form - and you will see the submission in Formtools

It is important to know that you cannot use the "ajax" feature in Gravityforms for this process. That's not typically a problem. Just wanted to mention it since it will not trigger the ZAP if you do.

I know this is a bit cryptic. But the exhaustive list of instructions is pretty detailed. If interested, post here and I'll try to make more exact instructions available.

We have this working on four different Gravityforms WordPress instances now. They seem to be fine.

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