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Can ft_api_check_submission_is_unique do this?
I'm wonder if ft_api_check_submission_is_unique can check if criteria are unique across multiple forms.

I have 3 different registration forms (different locations) ... I want to make sure not only that our users cannot register multiple times using the same form, but also make sure that they cannot register for multiple locations as well.

I guess the question can be simplified this way. Can multiple form ids be used in the $form_id parameter ... if so, how?
Hi eschultz,

Unfortunately not... that function is only designed for examining submission content in a single form. What you'd need to do is run it three times on each form, with the same criteria. Then you could compare the results of each to confirm the user has only registered with one of the forms.

Neat idea, though. One of Form Tools' real failings, to my mind, is the lack of support for integration of multiple forms. Requests of this nature often spring up in the forums, so it's always at the back of my mind.

Anyway, I hope running the function multiple times will work for your case.

- Ben

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