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Geolocation: Get user's current location
Hello Ben,

I was wondering if you had heard about Geolocation from Firefox.

With their agreement of course, I would like to be able to record the customer's current location when they're filling up the form and pass the data to form tools.

Do you think you can help with this buddy?

Hi Invectus,

Ack! Wow, I can't believe I missed your post from way back in January. Sorry...

Yeah, this is very do-able. I got stuck working on a mobile project for my company and if the geolocation works anything like that, it's no problem.

Basically, it'll work by stashing the location information in hidden fields in your form. Presumably Firefox will prompt the user to confirm that the user is okay sharing the geolocation information? If they say yes, parse out the location, store in a hidden field - or fields - and submit the form.

That's pretty much it!

- Ben

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