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How to validate using post, then post to form_tools?
No-one else seems to have a problem with this so I'm wondering why I haven't worked it out.

I have a form that worked OK with the post
<form action="" method="post">

I then went through the javascript validation tutorial, but this also shows a post to
<form action="" method="post" onsubmit="return rsv.validate(this, rules)">

If I have 2 post statements on the same form, it only goes to the first one, so I can get it to either validate, or send to form_tools, but not both.

Forgive me for my apparent stupidity, but what am I missing?
I've been away and come back and now of course I realise that you don't post the form twice, you just add the onsubmit into the form tag!

<form action="" method="post" onsubmit="return rsv.validate(this, rules)">

I didn't get much sleep last night so my addled brain didn't comprehend the tutorial!
Haha no, not at all. If it doesn't make sense, chances are the tutorial isn't clear enough. Smile

Thanks for the post.

- Ben

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