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I can get to Login but no further

I have set up formtools on a Lubuntu Linux m/c using LAMP. The linux m/c is actually a virtual machine run in VMWare VMPlayer hosted on a Windows 7 PC.

When running in Linux and using localhost/formtools I can login and formtools runs as it should. When I try to use formtools from the Windows 7 host however all I get is the formtools login prompt (no graphics even!). I can also sdee the 'index of' my linux web server.

When I enter my credentials into formtools it tries to go to index.php I get a cannot display webpage from I.E.

I also have phpmyadmin on my linux m/c which I can happily access from the Windows 7 host.

I am guessing this is a permissions problem but I got so desperate I did a chmod -R 777 /var/www/html/formtools and this did not fix it.

Any ideas anyone???

I have solved this.

with a change to the config file... config.php. In it is a php variable $root_url_parameter... curiously I had to change this from a 'full' URL of "http://localhost/mywebsite" to just "/mywebsite".

I can now access it from the Windows host.

HTH someone somewhere!
Thanks for reporting back to the forum.



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