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New Field not reported in eMail
I added a new field (similar to some other existing fields) on the site. After this I added the field in Formtools, although here similar to another existing field, but different submission_id und display text.

Checking the URL in Formtools displays the new Field, so all seems to be OK.

Sending the email from the website, the datas received will not contain the new field, i.e. there is no information for the new display text, but all other fields received.

What happens hier? What's wrong? What can I do to solve this problem?

Here are more detailed informations:

Checkboxes on the site, for example:
ID: vorm01
name: vorm01
value: Grundlagen BWL

when checked submitted in email as:
Vorm01 Grundlagen der BWL

a new checkbox on the site:
ID: T20141013
name: T20141013
Value: BWL neue MA 13.10.2014

when checked on the site:
this field is not submitted!

defined in formtool:

Display text: Vorm01
Form field: vorm01
submission_id: vorm01

Display text: Term10
form field: T20141013
submission_id: T20141013

BTW: an older checkbox is submitted, but has no value when checked:
on the site:
field id: T20141014
field name: T20141014
field value: BWL neue MA 14.10.2014

and in form tools:
Display text: Term03
form field: T20141014
submission_id: T20141014

It seems, that all newer changes didn't appear in submitted email.
The problem is solved.

There was an error in the template of the mail content.
The problem has been resolved and I didn’t think about it the problem would be in the template of mail. Well if ends well then all well. Big gratitude for publishing on such info that is extremely assisting and amusing too.

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