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Feature Requests
Please use this thread to post feature requests for the Submission Accounts module.
1. Option to be able to choose View for each user, based on certain criteria. e.g. if user is from Vancouver, show a different View from people from Saskatoon.
2. Option to be able to set default login page.
3. Option to see multiple forms...? Or if not multiple forms, then multiple Views of the same form.
These all look good, the first would definitely be the best in my opinion.
for password, if there's no password field, generate random or set user defined password and email to the user.
Besides editing his/her account info, how to make submission to be able to see list of other submissions?

new feature request - forms in submission's menu.
Thanks for the feature request - interesting idea.

Unfortunately, the Submission Accounts module only lets users edit their own submission - not anyone else's. If you need to let someone edit multiple submissions you'll need to assign them a client account.

- Ben
Form to save CSV on a specified date(for ex: every Sunday) in the server.

So, lets say I have a form that gets filled in during the week and I write a program to retrieve it from the URL every Monday morning to execute. Is it possible to have an option/module to get csv to be automatically saved in the server on a specific day? or maybe a module which does this already exist?

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