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Blank Page Problem When Creating Multi-Page Form in Wordpress with API
I've searched the forums and run across a few other instances of people with this same problem, but I haven't found a solution:

I am using Form Tools 2.2.x and am trying to create a multi-page form on WordPress using the API.

My WordPress core files are installed the the root directory for my domain, and the formtools folder is in that same root directory for the domain. (So, for example, wp-admin, wp-content, and formtools are all side-by-side in the root directory of the domain).

I have created new custom page templates in my theme for each page of the form, adding the code prescribed in the user documentation (at and following) at the top of each template above the get_header() call.

On my page I'm using this (the shortcode is using the Insert PHP plugin):

<form name="ft_form" id="ft_form" action="[insert_php] echo /form-first-page[/insert_php]" method="post" >

I have my tag written that way currently due to the problems with WordPress's handling of $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] that have been documented here:

When I put all this together and load the page, though, I just get a blank page. My understanding is that this may be due to WordPress .htaccess rules redirecting things and messing with the Form Tools functions. I've seen people in the forums, though, who have successfully used Form Tools on WordPress sites, though I don't know if anyone has been successful with multi-page forms using the API.

Even if I move WordPress down to a sub-directory, it still has to have a root-level .htaccess file.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue, whether it be by re-writing some of the .htaccess rules or by some other method?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
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Blank page problem when creating multi page form in wordpress with API. But i want to create complete page at the time when i want to create multi pages, If any one come and help me to solve problem. Then its become good for me.
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