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Need help and can't find the answer.
Thanks in advance. I'm using Form Tools on my iPad V2.2.2

The problem I'm having is forms disappearing from the app. As of last night when I went to bed I had different form (not entries). One form was from 2 weeks ago, one from 3 days ago, and 1 from last night. This morning only the oldest form was still on the ipad. This has happened on different iPads? Once on ipad2 and once on iPad Air.

Any help would be appreciated.
Are these external forms? Can you provide the URl of the form? Can you still view the form from your desktop?
Can you show here the link so I can help you check the form?
It's a form I created in pages, emailed it to myself, and opened in form tools.

So there's no link. The other form was scanned in.
I think you are using an iPhone/iPad app with the same or similar name as this script. The forum you have posted in is for a program that is installed on a web server that processes forms and stores the information in a database. It is not an iPhone or iPad app.

Hope this helps,

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