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Email sent on submission being edited.
Once again wonderful ! Excatly what I needed except for one thing lol.

I was wondering, you can get FT to send an email to specified recipients upon a submission being edited of which works perfectly fine.

What I was wondering or some helpfull direction would be great. I would like FT to send an email 'ONLY' when a certain field is edited in the submission.

Lets say

Telephone: Field 1
Name: Field 2

If the telephone number is changed then I'd like there to be an email sent. IF user edits field 2, i'd rather not have FT sending out another email.

Hope this explains my situation well enough.

Thanks in advance.
nevermind. Found a workaround for it.

Will post details later.
Nice! What was the workaround? Something with the Submission Pre-Parser or Hooks Manager modules?

- Ben
My dilemna was that I wanted the user to be able to edit a field and have it send an email when a certain field was edited.

Though after some hours of deliberating I found you had an option to email upon a submission being deleted.

This will rarely, if at all happen (i.e a submission being deleted) in terms of why I'm using this application, so I set the form to email if a submission was to be deleted + have the client account have the option to send an email template on their choosing against the required submission, to include the edited field.

So basically the workaround was already implemented by you (I take no credit lol)
Excellent! Good workaround. Smile

- Ben

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