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Install Issue - Directory Listing Denied
Hi, I have placed the Formtool directories on the server as per directions and get the following message in my browser when trying to access the install directory:
"Directory Listing Denied
This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed."

I have tried to set the permissions several times to 777 and 755 using to different FTP clients but setting the permissions does not seem to work or take. Is there something missing from the server that does not recognize the newly uploaded directories? It is windows server being uploaded from a Mac.

Hey Jonathan,

Sorry for the wait - I was out of town for a week, then spent a few days doing catch-up.

Some (but few!) server's aren't configured to load a page when going to a particular folder. Most servers will look for files with names like index.html, index.php, index.shtml or even default.html and display that file if the user just enters in the folder in the browser address field. In your case, you'll need to enter .../index.php at the end of the address bar.

But this is generally regarded as a server misconfiguration. You might want to ask you hosting provider to automatically acknowledge index.php files as default for folders so that the server will dole up that page when visiting the folder.

Good luck!

- Ben
Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply. Still no joy other than an automatic binary download that opens not in the browser but as a Dreamweaver xhtml page with some code but no admin form. Also there is an index.php file inside of the Form Tools directory in the install folder but when I try to open it in a browser I get the HTTP 404 file not found error.

Hi again Ben, I guess one can assume nothing. The issue is that server has neither PHP or MySQL components installed. I should have asked first. Thanks.
[quote]The issue is that server has neither PHP or MySQL components installed.[quote]

Ah - yeah, that would be a problem! Smile

Good luck with it -


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