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Database Hostname Installation Issue

Totally new to Form Tools.

I downloaded the zip file and uploaded it to the hosting site, under a pre-existing subdomain. (I use I then uncompressed the file and accessed the installation web page, via that subdomain. This part worked fine.

When I followed the directions to install, it asks for a Database Hostname and states that it's often set to "localhost". When I try to continue, I get the error message:

"The following error occurred:

Sorry, we were unable to connect to the database using the information you supplied. The error message the database returned is: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

Please double-check your database settings and click the Continue button again."

I have two questions...

#1: Since I'm using a hosting package, should the Database Host name be different than localhost?

#2: Is mySQL set up as part of the installation or do I have to do something to get that database installed and up and running before I try to set up Form Tools?


1) Depends on your hosting company, some allow you to use localhost while other require a hostname to be setup. Your hosting company would know.

2) You need to setup a MySQL database first and then indicate the database name, username and password in your installation.


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