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Big problem. Please help me
I have a big problem.
In my form i have 2 field drop-down list and 1 field radio.
When users save data all ok but in administration menu i don't see nothin. Please help me. see the screen

[Image: 25f829c.jpg]
[Image: ji0qkx.jpg]
Have you set up the options lists?

[Image: i196.jpg]
(Oct 7th, 2014, 12:37 PM)alexh Wrote: Have you set up the options lists?

[Image: i196.jpg]

yes i have the same settings.
but i have an update: i had this problem when from 2.2.6 i upgrade to 2.2.7. Now that i downgraded again all is ok. So i think there is some issues in 2.2.7 version of core

There is a bug in 2.2.7 but this version has been removed from the upgrading mechanism now.



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