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Swift Mailer module: Feature Requests
Please enter all feature requests for the Swift Mailer module in this thread.
- Option to attach files NOT uploaded with the submission itself; i.e. a static file already on the server.
Great idea and convenient. This is exactly what I was thinking today when I was messing around with this feature.
I know you made mention of this in a seperate thread... but support for prior versions of php < 5 would be awesome!

PHP 4 support was added in the most recent release. Enjoy!

- Ben
From Pavel (nomad): allow for embedded images.

Ability to enter the header "return-path" value in email. This helps in cases when using a form submitted email value that fails. It sets the default address for the returning errors. Respectfully suggest feature is made available when using the Swiftmailer module.
I may be missing something here, but you seem to be able to add clients as CC and BCC, but are required to add at least one TO. It would be nice to have the option to mask all recipients the message is sent to. I think formtools 1 allowed for this.
From bug tracker: "Add a note on the emails template to let the user know if the Swift Mailer mod is being used or not"


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