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Captcha form gets prefilled only after refresh
The form will not come pre-filled if i enter an incorrect captcha. But If i refresh the page, the fields get filled with the values.

Link of the form

I am getting the same issue on the sample form. That's why i opened a new thread for the issue.

Link for sample formloaded page with nothing filled

Ben .... Please check and reply.
Hi sujith,

Ah yes, I need to update that page. Thanks for the reminder!

Add this code after your ft_api_init_form_page() function call:

if (isset($_POST)) {
    $fields = array_merge($fields, $_POST);

That will merge the incoming POST request with the values already stored in $fields (overwriting with the latest from the form).

Hmm... it works fine, but I don't like it much. I'll have to revisit this at some point.

Thanks sujith.

- Ben
Thanks ben. It works great.
hi i had the same problem but used the above fix.

However, the file upload field does not get it's textfield refilled.
I wondered if anyone know how to repopulate the field? thanks
I have just read this and tried it and it works.

Thanks guys

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