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Pre-Parser module: Changing Entry Dependent upon Information
Alright, here's my delima.

A submission is sent in from a form that handles Registering Attnedees for an event.

They select the Badge type they want (3-day, 1-day, so on and so on).
<select name="amount" style="width: 365px">
<option value="35">3-Day Adult Badge ($35)</option>
<option value="20">1-Day Adult Badge ($20)</option>
<option value="30">3-Day Youth/Senior/Military ($30)</option>
<option value="18">1-Day Youth/Senior/Military ($18)</option>

And the amount is what sets the Badge in Form Tools because that amount is passed to PayPal to handle the purchasing. However, Prices have now changed and now I have to change the option group to understand the changes.

But the attendees who purchased it at the first price now are invalid if I change the Option Group.

So here's my question: What do I need to do in the Pre-Praiser to get the submission change a Price to a Text line.

Value Input = 35
Value Output = 3dayadult

I can manage to change the Value Input when prices change, but does anyone know the solution to achieving this?
Eh. Like usual, Javascript saved the day. Never mind!

Just if your interested:
I added this script to my page

<script type="text/javascript">
function setPrice(el){
var prices=[35, 20, 30, 18];
var p=el.options.selectedIndex;

And modified my dropdown box to help it and added a new field.
<select name="badgetype" style="width: 365px" onchange="setPrice(this);">
<option value="3adult">3-Day Adult Badge ($35)</option>
<option value="1adult">1-Day Adult Badge ($20)</option>
<option value="3discount">3-Day Youth/Senior/Military ($30)</option>
<option value="1discount">1-Day Youth/Senior/Military ($18)</option>
<input name="amount" type="hidden" value="35">

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