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I am using Form Tools 2.2.6.

I have successfully configured a form for the "submission_accounts" module.

I can log in and edit the first submission by John Doe, but when John Doe submits the same form again, the second submission data does not show up when logging into his submission_account.

Is this module used for only one submission per form, or is there a way to see and scroll through all of John Doe's submissions for a particular form?


Snaze, did you solve this ? I would like to do the same thing, have installed the Submission Module, and just starting to set it up with a test form. What you've described is one of the things I need to be able to accomplish.

Thanks -

I've been searching the modules, but I don't think what I want to do is possible with current available modules. My client wants to export the database to Excel, modify it, then re-import. Is this achievable?
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