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Import Excel
I've been searching the modules, but I don't think what I want to do is possible with current available modules. My client wants to export the database to Excel, modify it, then re-import. Is this achievable?
Sorry, you won't be able to import an Excel Spreadsheet back into Form Tools.


FYI you can import a CSV file into the formtools db via phpMyAdmin as I have done when moving around data from other sources into formtools.

Could even create an upload and execute page if you're into a bit of hard coding!
Can you recommend a fast way to import data into formtools db from excell or csv file?
Use phpmyadmin to import CVS file, may not work as you wish.
So test before do a final import.
Nelson Costa.
I imported 140.000 rows with 100% sucess.

1- compile everything in your EXCEL, dont forget to organize eveything in the same order of your DB
2- convert to CSV using - > (tested)
3- upload using phpmyadmin

I tested excel to convert and others ways, this one was the best to import mass information.
Nelson Costa.
Just be careful of your date formatting as Excel has a history of messing them up when you save as csv. I tend to save as Unicode text right from Excel and import as tab delimited. Another advantage of Unicode, is that it eliminates the utf-8 error that sometimes occurs when importing foreign names.

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