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Formbuilder - edit full screen when publishing buggy
Hi Ben

I've just been searching for info about using placeholders to echo collected data on the thank you page. "It's in the Formbuilder module..." you will say, and of course it may be, but I can't see these details because when I am in the publishing stage and go to "edit full screen" for any page, review or thank you, and the popup window loads, the editor seems to be breaking and not only does it not preview, but I can't see any placeholder data etc. to show me proper usage.
FT 2.2.6
FB mod 1.0.7

Breaks in FF, Chrome and IE for me

If any one can post an example for a placeholder tag for the 3rd field of a form called "foo" I would love to see it.

Thanks all

Perhaps I should be a little clear, as I am not referring to the standard placeholders like {{$thankyou_page_content}}

I was specifically looking to echo submission data from a specific field, but it looks like this might not be the role of placeholders as offered by Formbuilder. I guess the submission data has been nuked in any case.

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