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After Install, do not get a log in prompt
I have installed Form Tools, and get to the Step6.php screen where I am instructed to delete the install folder. I stopped at this point, removed the install folder through my cpanel File Manager. Then clicked "Log In" and just see the file list for the Form Tools directory "Index of /formtools"

Something is obviously not correct, but what do I check ?

After checking file contents of the /formtools folder on my server, it appears that not all the files were uploaded via FTP to the server. I am reloading files and hopefully that will solve the problem.
Reloading the missing files solved the problem. Not sure what happened on the original FTP upload. I checked my upload log, and it appeared to go through fine.
I have had that happen before using Dreamweaver's FTP utility to upload the files.

Per Ben's recommendation, I switched to using Filezilla for FTP when uploading a large amount of files. Have not encountered issues on installs after that.

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